Ash Stevens selected to receive 2012 MichBio Good to Great Award

Stephen A. Munk, PhD
President and CEO
Ash Stevens
5861 John C. Lodge Freeway
Detroit Mi 48202

Dear Stephen:
It is my distinct honor and pleasure to announce that Ash Stevens has been chosen to be the recipient of the 2012 MichBio Good to Great Award.

The award is made in recognition of Ash Stevens as a company whose business model, leadership, work ethic, services and products have melded in just the right way to produce a leap forward in the past year.

MichBio views Ash Stevens as a strong and visible indicator that our industry is thriving here in Michigan and that the outlook for the state's biosciences sector seems positive.  Success breeds success, and Ash Stevens' tremendous strides in business growth will serve as a beacon for others.

The Good to Great Award will be presented just prior to the Keynote Address on Thursday November 8, 2012 at the upcoming MichBio Expo & Conference.  The Award Presentation is scheduled for 2:30 pm at the Kellogg Conference Center in East Lansing. Congratulations on your company's continued success.  MichBio is proud to spotlight you a as a shining example for the industry.  Please accept our best wishes for many future rewards.

Stephen Rapundalo, Ph.D.
President and CEO