APP expansion could help fight against drug shortages

In what could amount to good news in fighting the growing list of drug shortages, APP Pharmaceuticals is giving its Grand Island, NY, manufacturing facility a $38 million makeover. The plant produces some of the "Most Wanted" types of drugs on the FDA short supply list: injectables for oncology and anti-infectives, in addition to anesthetic/analgesic and critical care products.

The planned 13,000-square-foot expansion will house six additional production lines for injectables. Work will begin this month and run for two years, according to the company. About 90 employees will join the 580 workers already working at the site.

The generics-maker owns two plants in Grand Island, totaling 358,000 square feet, plus 120,000 square feet of warehouse and administrative space.

New York sweetened the deal with nearly $1.2 million in tax credits over five years, based on new and retained jobs. Additional incentives: 2,000 kW of reduced-price power and tax abatements, reports Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

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