Allergan expanding manufacturing sites in Ireland

Allergan is investing in two manufacturing sites in Ireland, in part to expand capacity for eye drugs.

Allergan may handle most of its business out of the U.S., but it is domiciled in Ireland and is giving some special attention to its home country by investing in a couple of manufacturing facilities there.

Execs, in Dublin for meetings, announced Wednesday that the company will spend about €42 million ($44.2 million) this year to expand manufacturing in the country, The Irish Times reports.

An Allergan spokesperson Wednesday confirmed the report in an email saying the “investment will encompass Allergan’s Clonshaugh and Westport manufacturing operations, supporting increased manufacturing capabilities and capacity for some of the company’s key current and future products.”

The expansion at the Westport site, which has about 1,100 employees, will add capacity to Allergan’s eye care manufacturing operations as well as its ocular implant manufacturing facility, the Times said.

The company, which also operates a logistics operation out of Dublin, actually unloaded some of its operations in Ireland last year as part of its $40.5 billion deal to sell its Actavis generics business to Teva Pharmaceuticals. Then, to gain regulator approval for the deal, Teva turned around and sold some of that business in Ireland and England, to India’s Intas.

In January, Intas, a unit of Accord Healthcare, completed the $767.3 million (£603 million) deal for the portfolio of drugs, and a solid dose plant in Barnstaple in the south of England with 600 employees. The business generated more than £250 million in sales last year.