Abbott diabetes gear lost in cargo theft

Cargo thieves have relieved Abbott Labs of a truckload of diabetes testing equipment. Some 37 pallets, worth about $4 million, are now outside the legitimate supply chain.

Thieves took both tractor and trailer from a carrier facility in Louisville, KY, according to Securing Pharma. The shipment was on its way to a McKesson wholesale unit in Aurora, CA. It was coming from a UPS facility in Louisville and had made a stop at a facility operated by carrier Carnes Trucking in Louisville last Friday evening. The theft was reported before 2 a.m. on Sunday.

It appears the driver neglected an increasingly common industry tactic for preventing cargo theft: a 200-mile moratorium on stopping after a run starts.

The load contained some 30,000 50-count cartons of FreeStyle Lite glucose test strips and other diabetes devices.

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