Unit of China's Yisheng Biopharma to work with U.S. Army on Ebola vaccine

The U.S. subsidiary of Beijing-based Yisheng Biopharma will work with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases to develop a new Ebola vaccine. Financial or other commercial details were not disclosed, but according to a press release, the vaccine would be a novel "double-stranded RNA-based Toll-Like Receptor agonist adjuvant technology" therapy known as PIKA. Yi Zhang, chairman of Yisheng Biopharma and the project leader of adjuvant technology, said the firm has also counted on help from the Pasteur Institute; the U.S. NIH; Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; China National Institutes for Food and Drug Control; DSO National Laboratories Singapore; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Australia QIMR; Sun Yat-Sen University of China; Aeras Pharmaceutical of the US; and the Academy of Military Sciences of China. Release