Sanofi and LG Life Sciences bicker over diabetes drug marketing, report says

A partnership dispute over co-promotion duties between LG Life Sciences and Sanofi-Aventis Korea, the local affiliate of France's Sanofi ($SNY), threatens to spill over into the courts if the two companies cannot settle their differences, according to a report by the Korea Herald, and could crimp sales of LG's top diabetes drugs in the country. The spat started in December when LG complained to Sanofi-Aventis Korea and said it would cancel the 2012 deal because LG felt Sanofi wasn't holding up its end of the bargain in its promotional efforts for the drugs Zemiglo and ZemiMet. "After an internal review, we deemed Sanofi did not properly carry out the conditions stipulated in the original contract, leading to the termination of the agreement," an LG spokesperson told the Korea Herald. Sanofi, however, was miffed that LG sent the termination threat and denied it had shirked its duties. "We were abruptly notified by LG Life Sciences that it has decided to unilaterally terminate the co-promotion agreement with Sanofi-Aventis Korea for Zemiglo/ZemiMet. Sanofi has performed all its contractual duties," Sanofi-Aventis Korea told the Korea Herald. Sanofi told the newspaper that it plans to "consider all necessary options" should LG renege on the deal, which remains in effect for a "sizeable period of time," according to the report. Report