Nasal HIV vax safe, triggers immune response

The therapeutic HIV vaccine that the company nearly shelved in October 2011, Bionor's Vacc-4X, was safe given nasally to HIV-positive patients also on antiretrovirals. The combination of the vaccine and Eurocine Vaccines' adjuvant Endocine also showed early signs of triggering an immune response in the study at Oslo University Hospital. The vaccine is made up of four peptides based on conserved parts (regions that are unlikely to change) of HIV. As a shot, Vacc-4x dropped viral load in people infected with HIV and meant that they could stay off antiretrovirals for more than a year after treatment. Professor Dag Kvale of Oslo University Hospital said: "These results are promising for HIV patients globally, by potentially providing a new class of HIV treatment that`s even easier to deliver." Being able to give a vaccine nasally would be less painful for patients, as well as being easier for the people giving the shot, especially important in countries where access to trained medics is limited. Press release