India's Aurobindo Pharma shuttles Actavis products into domestic market

Aurobindo managing director N. Govindarajan

Aurobindo Pharma has started efforts to bring some of the products it bought from Actavis as part of a €30 million ($41 million) deal to buy 7 Actavis ($ACT) active pharmaceutical ingredient facilities across Western Europe in early 2014.

The process will take another 18 to 24 months to clear legal and regulatory hurdles, according to the DNA India newspaper, which cited Managing Director N. Govindarajan on an earnings conference call.

"The Phase I was to integrate together Aurobindo Pharma and Actavis," Govindarajan said.

"That phase has been completed. So we now have one country, one leader, one team. The second phase has just begun at the end of last quarter of bringing products into India, which will last for the next 18 to 24 months. And we had said it could be close to 50% portfolio coming out of India."

Aurobindo wants to replace some of the Actavis products portfolio at home with low-cost, high-margin Aurobindo products and also bring others from Actavis into India to reduce costs, the company said.

Aurobindo has some complementary products with Actavis in antibiotics, cardiovascular and central nervous system drugs, while Actavis also makes anti-inflammatories, oncology and metabolic disorder drugs.

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