Hospital drug sales noted by Premier Li in China reform push

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

A pair of China officials called for several changes in the nation's healthcare system, including price controls on drugs and a renewed crackdown on kickbacks to physicians and hospital officials.

Premier Li Keqiang and Vice Premier Liu Yandong addressed a meeting called to discuss reforms of the medical and healthcare systems. Liu said medical reform in China was at a difficult and crucial stage and added that a pilot reform of city hospitals would be expanded to cover 100 of them.

In written instructions covered at the beginning of the meeting, Premier Li said more should be done to keep hospitals from financing their operations through drug sales. He also called for a multitiered diagnosis and treatment system, improvements in the insurance system and encouragement to private enterprises to provide healthcare.

Li also called for insurance coverage of more of the serious diseases and added efforts to reform county hospitals.

- here's the story from Xinhua