Abbott CEO scores $25M, while new AbbVie chief nets $8M

Chairman/CEO Miles White

Abbott Laboratories ($ABT) gives us a two-fer in the proxy department. It filed its own annual-meeting documents, and so did its newly birthed spinoff AbbVie ($ABBV). Not surprisingly, Abbott Chairman and CEO Miles White once again collected more than $25 million in compensation for the year. Once again, that secures him a spot near the top of FiercePharma's CEO-pay ranking.

White's compensation included $1.9 million in salary, plus $4.7 million in incentive pay. He was also awarded $9.43 million in stock and another $2 million worth of options. Pension and deferred compensation earnings hit $6.2 million.

Along with $869,713 in other compensation and perqs--such as personal use of the company aircraft ($213,435) and security ($168,519)--that brings White's total to $25.12 million. It's slightly less than the $25.56 million he scored in 2010, but slightly more than last year's $24 million.

AbbVie's new CEO, Richard Gonzalez, earned considerably less--about $8 million--in last year's job as EVP at Abbott Labs. His base salary of $863,942 amounted to less than White's "other compensation." But he did nab $2.5 million in incentive pay, plus $3.34 million in stock and another $729,640 worth of options. Together with his pension increase and about $450,000 in other compensation, that's $7.95 million.

Gonzalez's base salary is set at $1.5 million for 2013.

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