Effective Integration of Third-party Communication Tools into HCP Omnichannel Campaigns

Sponsored by: BioPharm Communications

Brand marketers are currently faced with significant challenges, as many traditional promotional tactics, such as personal selling and dinner meetings are in decline.  Over the past decade sales rep access to HCPs has decreased significantly. Other tactics such as live speaker events and consultant meetings have declined due to the impact of pharma guidelines.

At the same time, pharma/biotech marketers still need to communicate key brand messages with impact to target HCPs.  In response to these marketplace conditions, pharma and biotech have significantly increased their use of non-personal promotion (NPP) to HCPs. However, a new set of challenges is emerging in the use of NPP with HCPs. HCPs are feeling overwhelmed and are becoming resistant to the significant increase in NPP that they are receiving. A key strategy to counteract this situation is to provide HCPs with highly credible, clinically relevant content through trusted third-party sources with which they are familiar.

This video features two senior executives with BioPharm Communications who sponsored the Multichannel Engagement Track Session at this year’s Digital Pharma East (DPE). Norm Phillips, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer chaired this session and Jeff Persinger, BioPharm’s President and CEO was a keynote speaker. Persinger focused his presentation on effective integration of third-party communication tools into HCP omnichannel campaigns.

In this video, Persinger and Phillips review the important marketplace conditions that are creating significant challenges for pharma and biotech in marketing to HCP targets. They go on to discuss current perceptions of HCPs regarding the relative clinical value of various information sources they access and why HCPs are beginning to opt out and use ad blocking tools with some NPP messaging. They then provide effective solutions to succeed in this challenging marketing environment by integrating first-party and third-party HCP promotion, and outline the benefits to brands of this successful integration.

BioPharm Communications is a market leader in developing and deploying omnichannel campaigns to HCPs, currently working with over 50 pharma and biotech companies. Last year, BioPharm engaged on behalf of its clients with over 500,000 US-based HCPs through more than 20 million interactions.

An important key to BioPharm’s success has been the development of a comprehensive portfolio of third-party solutions over the past 13 years. Survey data has shown that these offerings have extremely high awareness and perceived clinical value with HCPs.

Hear more directly from the experts in this video interview, and if after watching it you feel that BioPharm’s third-party omnichannel solutions could help your brand, contact them here: https://www.biopharmcommunications.com