UPDATED: Actavis recalling 2,000 bottles generic seizure drug

Actavis ($ACT) has another drug recall to deal with, this one involving the generic version of the seizure drug Neurontin that it manufactures at a plant in India. The voluntary recall follows one in November of a drug that was key to its acquisition last year of Forest Pharmaceuticals.

The drugmaker is voluntarily recalling different doses of gabapentin after it got complaints that capsules were clumping and breaking and that some bottles from one distribution center had popped-out or rounded bottoms and creased labels. The company said the drugs were manufactured at a plant in Tamil Nadu, India.

While the FDA Enforcement Report says the recall is for 65,000 bottles, David Belian, director of global media relations at Actavis, explained that was the number distributed but "the recall was actually limited to approximately 2,000 bottles that were shipped to a specific customer."  

The gabapentin recall was started in mid-December, only weeks after Forest began its recall of nearly 95,000 cartons of the blood pressure med Bystolic because it failed dissolution testing at the 6-month time point. And that recall followed one in June of 92,544 bottles of Bystolic.

The blood pressure med was important to Actavis' $25 billion buyout of Forest last year. The drug sold $455.1 million in 2013, a leap of nearly 24%, as Forest increased volumes and pushed up its price. The drug, however, is expected to face generic competition this year. 

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