Supplier recalls atorvastatin made by Apotex

A California drug distributor is recalling hundreds of packages of a generic cholesterol drug after Canadian generics producer Apotex found the pills failed impurities testing.

The recall of the 468 packages of atorvastatin is being handled by Camarillo, CA-based Golden State Medical Supply. The voluntary recall began in January, according to the most recent FDA Enforcement Report.

According to the notice, the drugs were manufactured by Apotex in Toronto. Apotex has a long history of quality problems uncovered by the FDA. Apotex had products from its Toronto plant, as well as one in Quebec, banned from 2009 to 2011.

The FDA issued a warning letter to Apotex last year for two plants in Bangalore, India. The FDA said the facilities were discovered manipulating testing data, a practice it said had gone on for years.

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