Zogenix offers needle-free sumatriptan for headaches; Antibiotic Trojan horse for cholera may be possible;

> Migraines are awful, and sumatriptan, the first available of the triptans, revolutionized their treatment but had to be delivered as a shot, immediately cutting its market. Zogenix ($ZGNX) has presented a case study of its repositioning of injectable sumatriptan using its needle-free technology at the 2nd Annual Drug Repositioning & Indications Discovery Conference. This showed that the reformulation with the DosePro needle-free delivery system increased both physician and patient use of sumatriptan. Press release

> Research to work out how Vibrio cholerae, the bacterium behind cholera, originally became the deadly pathogen that it is now could lead to a better way of delivering antibiotics. Article

> Dr. Reddy's is bidding to buy Dutch company OctoPlus as a standalone unit to expand drug delivery; no job cuts are anticipated. Article

> Catalent Pharma Solutions has created a drug delivery institute through industry-academia partnerships that aims to improve drug delivery. Article

> Contraceptive transdermal patches or vaginal rings are associated with increased risk of venous thrombosis. Abstract

> Capsugel's thermogelled HPMC capsules, plant-based capsules made from hypromellose (HPMC) using a thermal gelling process instead of gelling agents, dissolve more predictably. Press release

And Finally… Mouse models can predict cancer drug delivery in humans. Article