XstalBio Launches CentuRecon(TM) to Accelerate the Delivery of Biologic Drugs at High Concentration

XstalBio Launches CentuRecon(TM) to Accelerate the Delivery of Biologic Drugs at High Concentration

Glasgow, UK, August 12 / B3C newswire / - XstalBio Ltd today announced the launch of CentuRecon™, a new patented reconstitution technology that has the potential to revolutionise the preparation of high concentration protein solutions from dry powders and make delivery faster and safer.

Biologic drugs such as monoclonal antibodies are a major growth area for the pharmaceutical industry but their delivery by subcutaneous administration provides unique challenges.  CentuRecon™ enables dry formulations of therapeutic proteins to be prepared for injection at high concentration in minutes, rather than hours, and produces foam-free solutions that maximise the deliverable dose. 

CentuRecon™ works well with standard lyophilised formulations and diluents and with normal vials, cartridges or dual-chamber syringes. It is particularly beneficial for very high concentration and/or viscous solutions that may need to be delivered with injection devices. Medical practitioners will find CentuRecon™ straightforward and cost-effective to implement with patients benefiting from fewer injections and shorter visits.  Further developments are expected to make self-administration simpler and more convenient. To see CentuRecon in action please view the short video at: http://www.labtube.tv/playvideo.aspx?vid=155993

XstalBio's R&D Director, Barry D. Moore, commented "We believe CentuRecon™ is a game-changing technology; uniquely it provides a rapid, safe and reproducible method for preparing very high concentration protein solutions from dry powder formulations. We believe it will open up new clinical opportunities for biologics and become the reconstitution method of choice for R&D scientists.   CentuRecon™ is a good example of how XstalBio's R&D team are able to develop technologies that provide simple solutions to complex problems."

This patented technology is available for licensing from XstalBio.

About XstalBio
XstalBio is a privately-held company founded in 2004 and based in Glasgow, Scotland.XstalBio works collaboratively with international clients to help drive biopharmaceuticals and vaccines to market by enabling delivery of products to patients. XstalBio provides its experience, innovative technologies and expert consultancy to find efficient solutions to complex bioformulation challenges and accelerate the development of biologics.

XstalBio has successfully formulated over 40 APIs working with many of the world's top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as leading vaccine and animal health companies.  APIs include mAbs, mAb fragments, cytokines, hormones, plasmids and peptides spanning a broad range of molecular weights and physical characteristics.  In addition XstalBio has generated novel adjuvant formulations of many types of antigens including recombinant proteins, bacterial lysates, toxoids, polysaccharides and killed viruses.  XstalBio routinely take-on challenging formulation issues and seek to solve these by applying innovative straightforward and scaled formulation technologies. The company has an excellent track-record for meeting milestones and moving forward together with clients as their biopharmaceutical product challenges progress or change.

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