Want the next blockbuster drug? It's all in the delivery

Alexandria Pešić of in-PharmaTechnologist.com filed a report focusing on what some analysts believe should be the focus of pharma these days--not finding the next blockbuster drug, but finding ways to make sure existing and new drugs are delivered to their targets. As we reported last week, many drug failures are really drug delivery failures.

Chananit Sintuu, of Lux Research, agrees, and tells in-PharmaTechnologist that "budgets for novel delivery systems should definitely be larger." That means, according to Sintuu, establishing "wise" partnerships with emerging drug-delivery developers. It should be pointed out, though, that Lux Research was created by Lux Capital, which invests in emerging drug-delivery developers. Still, this relationship should not diminish Sintuu's analysis.

Sintuu also says that novel drug delivery systems might be a way to combat the growing number of drug-patent expirations scheduled to hit pharmaceutical firms in the next few years--a "patent cliff" that, contrary to a few minority opinions, is a very real concern for Big Pharma.

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