Victory for PULSYS delivery platform; Calibra gains clearance for new insulin patch-pen;

> Victory Pharma, based in San Diego, has completed its acquisition of MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals and its PULSYS drug-delivery platform, which delivers drug to treat tonsillitis or pharyngitis at set intervals over a 24-hour period. Release

> Calibra Medical has been cleared by the FDA to market its Finesse insulin patch-pen for up to three-day use with Novo Nordisk's Novolog rapid acting insulin. The patch-pen is a small, adhesively attached, flat device that can be operated discretely through clothing to deliver mealtime, snack time and correction bolus insulin. Release

> Researchers at the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences, including nanotech pioneer James Baker, have cooked up a dendrimer conjugated with riboflavin that appears to show promise in targeted cancer drug delivery. Abstract

> Drug delivery job of the week: Postdoc in brain drug delivery at the University of Cincinnati. "The successful candidate will work on delivery of SiRNA and DNA decoy to the brain." Listing

> Available for licensing at the University of Texas at Austin: Faster, less expensive manufacturing process for microtubes in drug delivery devices. Description

And Finally... Remember those "Fantastic Voyage" micro- and nanomachines that scientists a few years ago said were impossible to develop? They're possible. They're being developed. Nanowerk has an excellent review. Report

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