Unilife boasts the 'world's first' safety mechanism in multi-chamber syringe

Unilife, a York, PA-based developer of drug-delivery systems, is taking aim at increased concern over needle-stick injuries by healthcare workers by releasing what in-PharmaTechnologist reports is the world's first multi-chamber prefilled syringe with a built-in safety mechanism. "There are dual chamber prefilled syringes on the market at the moment," Unilife's Stephan Allan tells in-PharmaTechnologist. "But the Unifill EZMix multiple-chamber (prefilled) syringes are the first dual chamber or multi-chamber with an integrated safety mechanism."

According to the article, inclusion of a safety appliance within the vial for a multi-chamber delivery device was previously thought to be impossible because the plastic could interact with the drugs. "The fact that we have overcome this issue is unique," Allan tells in-PharmaTechnologist. "It's the world's first and only device that fulfills this need."

Prefilled syringes are growing more popular with pharmaceutical companies because of their ease of use and increased safety for healthcare workers.

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