Unilife announces new customer for prefilled syringe

Unilife, a York, PA-based developer of drug-delivery systems, has begun initial sales of its Unifill ready-to-fill syringes to an undisclosed "U.S.-based global pharmaceutical company," the company announced in a release. The announcement comes a week after Unilife announced it has begun to supply the Unifil syringe to Sanofi. Unifil is an operator-controlled safety syringe with automatic needle retraction.

As FierceDrugDelivery has reported before, there is a great deal of interest in the prefilled syringe market since they're secure, easy to use, minimize the chance for dosage error and increase patient compliance.

"The Unifill syringe is the world's first and only known prefilled syringe with safety features fully integrated within the glass barrel," Unilife CEO Alan Shortall said in a statement. "The Unifill syringe is essentially a primary drug container, a safety device and a sharps disposal unit all rolled into one. It is strongly positioned to help improve patient care and better protect healthcare workers at risk of contracting infectious diseases, such as HIV via needlestick injuries and other potential transmission modes."

Unilife expects its new U.S.-based pharmaceutical customer to conduct drug compatibility and stability tests with their injectable drugs in combination with Unifill.

- read the release from Unilife