U.K. trails EU neighbors in insulin pump use, report shows; FDA approves oral brain hemorrhage drug;

> A recent report found that the U.K. trails nearby countries such as Germany and Norway in the use of insulin pumps, with only 7% of Type 1 diabetes patients using them. In those countries, about 15% of patients use the delivery devices, and 40% in the U.S. opt for a pump, according to the report. Story

> The FDA approved Arbor Pharmaceuticals' Nymalize, the first nimodipine oral solution for brain hemorrhage patients. It was previously available as a liquid-filled gel capsule. Report

> Korean researchers have developed a new nanoparticle contrast medium to diagnose cancer that releases an anti-cancer drug and targets the tumor on-site. In mice, tumors shrunk 90% in 48 hours. Story

> Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore have created a needleless vaccine delivery system that uses supersonic shock waves to innoculate patients painlessly. Article

> Halo Pharma and Altus Forumulation have joined forces to create a series of drugs based on Altus' drug delivery technologies that include high-dose delivery, taste-masked controlled release liquids and tamper- and abuse- resistant medicines. Release

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