Tekmira's RNAi drug delivery tech gets patented; Top 5 game-changing drug delivery technologies;

Special Report: Top 5 Game-Changing Drug Delivery Technologies. Report

> U.S. and European patents have been issued for Tekmira Pharmaceuticals' RNAi drug delivery technology. Report

> Report predicts growth in drug delivery technologies. "Unconventional modes of drug delivery such as pulmonary, nasal and transdermal are gaining a lot of popularity especially in chronic disease conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, CNS and cancer. Nanotechnology advances have led to the development of innovative drug delivery systems. Abstract

Special Report: Four Star Trek medical technologies we use today. Report

> Merrion Pharmaceuticals has entered into an an oral drug delivery feasibility and option agreement with Rebel Pharmaceuticals on two undisclosed compounds. Merrion release

Drug delivery job of the week: Senior project associate for "Design and Development of a Noninvasive Ocular Drug Delivery System for the Treatment of Retinal Diseases," Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Job listing

Drug delivery patent application of the week: Drug delivery system. Patent application

Questionable drug-delivery product of the week: "Nano Tech Weight Loss Slim Trim Diet Patch." Product listing

And Finally... Did they really need to do a study on whether coffee with sugar improves your attention span? Article

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