Spotlight On... Langer drug delivering biopolymer maker raises $25M; Moberg Pharma making progress on lozenge formulation painkiller; and more...

Paris' Gecko Biomedical has raised $25 million in support of its drug-delivering biopolymer platform for tissue reconstruction. Co-financed by MIT's Robert Langer, the company is aiming to earn its first approval within a year, for a cardiovascular reconstruction candidate. More from FierceMedicalDevices

> Sweden's Moberg Pharma said it would begin Phase III trials of its patent pending lozenge formulation of bupivacaine for pain management in oral mucositis among cancer patients. Cadila Pharmaceuticals will conduct a Phase III trial in its home country of India in return for exclusive rights commercialization rights in India and Africa, with the exception of South Africa. More | More

> A study in the journal Optical Materials Express has found that porous gold nanodisks can kill bacteria quickly. "We showed that all of the bacteria were killed pretty quickly … within 5 to 25 seconds. That's a very fast process," said corresponding author Wei-Chuan Shih, professor of electrical and computer engineering department at the University of Houston. More