Spotlight On... Amgen gets rights to Unilife's wearable and injectable devices for $75M; Endo announces launch of buccal film strip; Researchers deploy microbe for intracellular drug delivery; and more...

Drug delivery device-maker Unilife ($UNIS) received a cash lifeline worth up to $75 million from Amgen. Amgen ($AMGN) gains exclusive rights to the struggling York, PA, company's wearable injectors within selected drug classes and nonexclusive rights to all of Unilife's proprietary injectable delivery systems within the therapeutic areas of oncology, inflammation, bone health, nephrology, cardiovascular and neuroscience. Late last year, the duo announced a preliminary alliance and said they would negotiate a grand alliance, which they said could include Amgen taking a 19.9% stake in the drug delivery specialist. After several extensions of the negotiating deadline, the bigger deal has finally commenced. Amgen has the right to acquire Unilife stock under the transaction, but the size of a potential stake is unclear. More from FierceMedicalDevices

> Endo announced the launch of the Belbuca (buprenorphine) buccal film for chronic pain management. More

> Researchers report in the journal ACS Synthetic Biology that using a type of paramecium they can extract intracellular drug delivery payloads from vesicles. More