Sosei lands deal for new nanotech platform technology

In a deal designed to create the foundation for a new nanotech drug development platform, Japan's Sosei has acquired Activus Pharma, which uses a nanoparticle technology to create granules of active ingredients only 50 to 300 nanometers in diameter. The technology gives researchers a tool to reformulate compounds with poor solubility into pure, uncontaminated therapeutics that can be delivered by injection, inhalation or through ophthalmic solutions.

Sosei says it plans to use Activus Pure Nano-particle Technology--or APNT--to generate drug candidates for its pipeline, as well as in partnership with other drug developers. "Profit generated from the acquisition will be split among common shareholders for five years from the day of the deal or until gross profit totals 1 billion yen, whichever comes sooner," states the press release.

A story from in-Pharma Technologist points to the rising number of nanotech delivery deals struck worldwide. And the article cites a report from Cientifica projecting a 37 percent annual compound growth in the field, which is set to explode from $3.4 billion to $26 billion in 2012.

- here's the Sosei press release
- here's the story from in-Pharma Technologist