Siemens' Imaging Guides Selective Internal Radiation Therapy Solution for Liver Cancer

Press Release | May 28, 2015
Siemens' Imaging Guides Selective Internal Radiation Therapy Solution for Liver Cancer
· Siemens Artis systems and Syngo software play key role in clinical execution of Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) as a proven procedure for previously hard-to-treat primary liver tumors
· Siemens collaborating with Australia-based life-sciences company Sirtex Medical Ltd. to deliver effective oncology treatments using novel small particle technology (Y-90 resin microspheres)
· Siemens and Sirtex Medical Ltd. to jointly present a scientific symposium on advanced imaging for therapy management of SIRT at the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting.
At the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual conference in Chicago, Siemens presents advanced imaging solutions for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT), an innovative therapy procedure for inoperable liver cancers. Through their strategic alliance, Siemens and collaborating company Sirtex Medical Ltd. will demonstrate this avant-garde solution to oncologists. In order to better inform the field about SIRT and how to technically apply it, Siemens and Sirtex will jointly host an Industry Expert Theater session on the topic at the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting.
Clinically advanced primary or secondary liver tumors, which are not candidates for resection, often have a limited prognosis. Over the past years, interventional procedures such as Selective Internal Radiation Therapy, also known as radioembolization, started to play a more meaningful role in the treatment of these tumors. However, the application of such effective local therapies was limited to experienced centers in order to reduce the risks of treatment-related complications that can occur if targeted therapies are inadvertently applied outside the target organ. More recently, with the introduction of advanced imaging technology such as Siemens Artis angiography systems, the safety of application could be further improved due to advanced image guidance. SIRT treats liver cancer internally by injecting millions of tiny radioactive microspheres (developed by Sirtex Medical Ltd.) directly into the tumors. The microspheres, extremely small resin beads containing radioactive Yttrim-90 (Y-90), become lodged in blood vessels inside the tumor, sparing the healthy tissue that surrounds it since the blood supply to the tumors is separate from that of the normal liver.
Imaging's Contribution to SIRT
The technical execution of SIRT relies on angiographic imaging guidance. From pre-procedure planning to intra-procedure monitoring and control to post-procedure assessment, imaging plays a crucial role in the implementation of these treatments. Sufficient image quality is necessary to visualize the tumor, the application catheter within the feeding vessels, and surrounding structures during therapy.
"With the advanced technology of our angiographic systems (Artis systems) and Syngo reading software, Siemens enables health care professionals to perform more complex interventional procedures—even for patients in poor physical condition. That will change the way liver cancer can be treated," states Dr. Wieland Voigt, MD Associate Professor, Head of Siemens Clinical Competence Center Oncology.
"Siemens looks forward to further advancing interventional oncology with our innovative imaging systems and technologies."
Collaborating with Sirtex
Sirtex, a global healthcare business based in Australia focusing on oncology, has pioneered the SIRT procedure through development of the SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres used to deliver targeted internal radiation therapy directly to liver tumors via the hepatic artery.
"Given that close to two-thirds of all interventional procedures in oncology are applied to treat liver tumors, it was obvious that this therapy was important to pursue," says Dr. David N. Cade, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Sirtex. "We are delighted to have the privilege of working closely with the world leader in medical imaging in our quest to transform liver cancer treatment."
Symposium at ASCO
In order to share the knowledge of this innovative technology and treatment to the field of oncology, Siemens and Sirtex will jointly present an educational symposium on the topic at the 2015 ASCO annual meeting in Chicago Saturday, May 30th from 12:15pm – 1:15 pm. Siemens will also share further information at booth 6151 in the conference's exhibition hall.
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