SHL says "Good Golly" to "Molly" in syringe marketing campaign

SHL, a drug delivery device company based in Taiwan, is inviting potential customers to "Meet Molly" as part of a big marketing campaign to sell its new line of prefilled syringes. The company is calling Molly an an "intuitive device featuring an ultra-compact design, simplified two-step operation and a permanently hidden needle," according to a report in Biotech East

Molly was developed by teams in Sweden, Taiwan and the U.S. It's designed to accelerate speed-to-market for customers and uses up-to-date safety and ergonomic features, according to the company. This device is "incredibly intuitive and easy to use," with the handling process reduced to just two steps: uncap and inject. The device, the company says, removes the need for a drug company to invest in tooling, assembly or test equipment.

The needle is hidden. In addition, Molly is disposable, and "green," since it uses fewer components than competitors, the company says. SHL plans to officially introduce Molly at a PDA conference in Las Vegas October 18-19 and again at a PDA conference in Berlin Oct. 26-28.

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