ScanCell's melanoma vaccine triggers immune responses; Taiwan Liposome heading toward IPO;


> Scancell's DNA ImmunoBody vaccine, in a Phase I/II trial for malignant melanoma, has triggered an immune response in four of 6 patients treated. The vaccine is delivered using Ichor Medical Systems' TriGrid electroporation delivery device. Press release

Transplant rejection

> The FDA has accepted Astellas Pharma's NDA for its tacrolimus extended-release capsules for the prevention of liver and kidney transplant rejection. Press release

Pain and CNS disorders

> Millennium Laboratories has launched a test to monitor the levels of drug in patients using Butrans, a transdermal buprenorphine patch. This is designed to work with the low levels of drug associated with transdermal delivery. Press release

> The FDA has voted against approval of Zogenix's Zohydro ER extended-release hydrocodone capsules for the management of moderate-to-severe chronic pain. Press release

> Phase III trials of Osmotica Pharmaceutical's extended-release arbaclofen tablets have begun recruitment. The study will look at safety and efficacy in patients with spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. Press release

Drug delivery

> 3-D printers could print out needle arrays for drug delivery … but not quite yet. Article

> Using thin films could help proteins to slip through the skin. Article

Financial and patent news

> Australian company OBJ is on the way to getting a European patent to protect its electromagnetic drug delivery technology, Dermaportation. Article

> Taiwan Liposome expects to raise $20.3 million from an IPO, with plans to spend the cash on improving its gross margin and strengthening its bottom line. Article

> Aegis Therapeutics has been awarded a U.S. patent for absorption-enhancing self-assembling aqueous hydrogels that could be used in extended-release, transdermal or transmucosal drug delivery. Press release

And Finally… CFD Research has been given a $1.3 million grant to develop an in vitro tumor model. SynVivo-Tumor replicates the tumor microenvironment and could help to develop drug delivery systems. Press release