Santen, Clearside Biomedical collaborate on glaucoma; Lipocine completes trials of its oral testosterone;

> Santen Pharmaceuticals and Clearside Biomedical are collaborating on developing glaucoma research. The use of Clearside's proprietary microinjector to deliver sustained intraocular pressure-lowering medications will be studied. More

> Lipocine announced that it has completed the Phase III study of its oral testosterone candidate. "Completion of the last patient visit has Lipocine positioned well to file our New Drug Application with the Food and Drug Administration in line with our previous guidance," said Dr. Mahesh Patel, Chairman, President and CEO of Lipocine, adding, "We are pleased to report that no drug or cardiac related adverse events were observed during this one year study and look forward to sharing top-line results from this safety portion of the study." More