Safety syringe wins innovation award; Military developing nanoparticles to combat biological weapons;

> Credence MedSystem's Credence Companion Safety Syringe System won the Drug Delivery Innovation Award at Drug Delivery Partnership Annual Conference in Boca Raton, FL. Story

> Sebacia said two European clinical trials of its gold microparticles to treat acne showed the candidate was well tolerated and resulted in a reduction in the appearance and occurrence of inflammatory acne lesions. Release

> A University of New Mexico researcher is teaming up with the military to develop a pill containing nanoparticles filled with antibiotics that can be taken upon exposure to biological weapons. Story

> Warp Drive Bio received $18 million in venture funding based on its new approach to drug design. The company plans to cleave mRNA at specific sites, and say their method will avoid some of the side effects and delivering issues that have plagued the developers of siRNA drugs, which has so far mainly shown clinical promise in drug delivery to the liver, but not elsewhere. Story