RNAi problem is drug-delivery problem; Researcher sees nanobot promise in giardia;*

> Merck calls it quits on an RNAi research facility in San Francisco. The problem, again, is frustration over how to deliver gene-silencing drugs. The RNAi problem is a drug-delivery problem. More here

> The University of Tennessee's Mingjun Zhang has been studying the microorganism giardia, learning how it's able to swim in harsh environments and attach to many kinds of surfaces. This little critter could become a model for drug-delivering nanobots, according to a release. Release

> Shares of D. Medical Industries jump 7.3% since May after a unit of one of the Israeli-based drug-delivery device company signed a distribution agreement in the U.S. for its Spring Universal Infusion sets. Blurb

> Drug delivery abstract of the week: Enhanced Oral Bioavailability of Curcumin via a Solid Lipid-Based Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System Using a Spray-Drying Technique. What that means

And Finally... Edible cat litter for drug delivery. Enjoy

* Editor's Note: Story changed to take out the link to AmeriSourceBergen story.