Researchers study innovative ways to deliver HIV drugs; NanoMed conference spotlights delivery tech;

> After years of frustrating setbacks, researchers are studying a number of new ways to deliver HIV drugs. One new approach involves a specially-designed film that can be used to dispense a drug to guard women against infection. Story

> The NanoMed conference in Berlin this December will highlight a number of new technologies being used to deliver therapies. Story

> Generex Biotechnology, which has been working on the delivery of drugs for metabolic diseases through the inner lining of the mouth, has been awarded two new patents in Japan and Ukraine. Release

> Global Health Ventures, a specialty pharma company focused on sublingual drug delivery, has signed an equity purchase agreement with Lincoln Park Capital Fund for up to $20 million. Report

And Finally... New treatments for malaria are possible after Walter and Eliza Hall Institute scientists found that molecules similar to the blood-thinning drug heparin can stop malaria from infecting red blood cells. Release