Report: China ramping up for global drug delivery tech battle

China is on the rise in the drug delivery technology sector and becoming an increasingly nimble competitor in the space, Lux Research asserts in a new report. And it's going global. Lux cites two Chinese drug delivery companies that are leading the pack in "gaining on the West" and seeking to expand their opportunities into Europe and the U.S. One, Lepu Medical Technology, uses its nanomaterial tech to make drug-eluting coronary stents, among other interventional cardiology products, and the company booked $120 million in 2011 revenue. Another, Royal Fornia Medical Equipment, has already captured a 30% market share in China with insulin pumps fueled by computer-aided perfusion systems that help optimize insulin dosing. The company, Lux notes, has a 60% cost advantage and is poised to enter "other drug dosage optimization systems" businesses. Release