RDD Pharma gets $7.2M for anal delivery tech; Nanodelivery could boost fight against HIV/AIDS;

 @DamianFierce: Harvard docs say nanotreatments can clear blocked arteries with 1/50th the drug amount of standard techs. Report | Follow @DamianFierce

> Israel's RDD Pharma pulled in a $7.2 million financing round to fund the development of its anal delivery tech, designed to administer treatments for fissures and incontinence related to spinal injury. News

> In an interview with News Medical, Johns Hopkins professor and HIV/AIDS expert Charles Flexner explains that nanoparticles could be hugely beneficial in the global fight against the virus, allowing for targeted delivery of small drug amounts. More

> Echo Therapeutics ($ECTE) has expanded its licensing deal with Ferndale Pharma, allowing the company to sell a dermal anesthetic using Echo's Prelude transdermal delivery tech around the world. Release

> Alnylam Pharmaceuticals ($ALNY) is touting positive proof-of-concept data for its RNAi therapy that targets hemophilia. Story

> German researchers have discovered a new way to manufacture microspheres that they say will make it easier to get nanotreatments to their targets. Article