Radius, 3M Drug Delivery partner on osteoporosis drug; OptiNose wins award for nasal delivery;

> Radius Health and 3M Drug Delivery Systems are getting together to develop a transdermal version of BA058, which is Radius' parathyroid hormone-related protein analog to treat osteoporosis. Story

> OptiNose has won an innovation award in Oslo for its nasal drug delivery technology. It should be given an award for a great company name, too--second only to Cyrano Sciences and its Cyranose electronic odor detector. OptiNose release

> Serina Therapeutics has developed a new way of synthesizing polyoxazoline polymers for drug delivery applications that it says is free of the drawbacks that have hampered previous production methods. Story

> UK-based drug-delivery company Q Chip has completed a $6 million funding round, which it plans to spend on developing its bio-encapsulation and drug delivery platform for long-acting injectable therapeutics with tailored sustained-release profiles and improved administration, according to a news release. Q Chip release

> Novozymes Biopharma will launch a new grade of its Bacillus-derived hyaluronic acid for ophthalmic delivery applications later this year. Story