pSivida resubmits NDA for Iluvien; Lincoln Pharmaceuticals launches ARH1;

> pSivida, which develops sustained-release drug delivery products for treatment of back-of-the-eye diseases, has resubmited its new drug application for the investigational drug Iluvien, which treats diabetic macular edema. pSivida release

> India's Lincoln Pharmaceuticals launches its antimalarial drug ARH1, which uses "dose optimization technology" as its delivery system. Report

> Peter Cohan: Can SpringLeaf make chemo and outpatient treatment? Column

> The FDA has accepted a new drug application for Insys Therapeutics' Fentanyl SL Spray, a sublinqual delivery system for cancer patients suffering from pain. Item

> Bio-Path Holdings uses liposome-based drug delivery technology in conjunction with the company's anti-sense nucleic acid cancer therapeutic. It's currently in Phase I clinical trials for treatment of various forms of leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome. More here

> Greystone Research Associates: Transmucosal drug delivery gaining interest in niche markets. Release