Positive results for female infertility patch; Nice nose news;

> Vyteris, a New Jersey-based company that bills itself as "a leader in alternative drug delivery technology" has announced positive results from a Phase II clinical trial of its transdermal patch for female infertility. The patch delivers gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), which ordinarily would require an infusion pump be used over prolonged periods of time. Vyteris' active, transdermal smart patch technology may be a more-convenient, noninvasive method of delivery. Release     

> OptiNose, a company that develops technology for the nasal drug delivery market, is reporting that its bi-directional nasal device delivering fluticasone, a nasal steroid, is effective in reducing the size or eliminating nasal polyps. The results of a subgroup analysis of positive Phase II trial results have been published in the July/August issue of the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy.  Release

> Drug delivery can be environmentally correct, according to Bend Research of Oregon, which developed spray-dried solid amorphous dispersion technology based on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (HPMCAS) as a green drug-delivery technology. More

> GenSpera of San Antonio, TX, has been awarded a patent covering a delivery method for G-202, a drug designed to be selectively activated in tumors by an enzyme in the tumor's blood vessels. News

> Parkinson's patient Dan Truesdale is the first patient in Ohio to receive an experimental drug delivery system that gives his body a continual dose of medication that lets him control his muscle movements as part of a University of Cincinnati-run Phase 3 trial of Abbott Pharmaceuticals' Levodopa-Carbidopa intestinal gel treatment. Report

> The journal Nanomedicine features an overview of nanoscale particle therapies for wounds, an unfortunate but necessary field, in light of current events in Afghanistan. The authors list several advantages offered by nanoscale sizes, such as the "ability to enter into the cytoplasmic space like Trojan horses, ferrying nanoparticles across cellular barriers and activating specific endocytic and transcytic transport mechanisms." Abstract

> Drug delivery patent of the week: Magnetic nanocapsules for drug delivery. Details

> Drug delivery job of the week: EMD Chemicals of Woburn, MA, "is seeking a highly motivated individual skilled in Drug Delivery Compound Applications." Listing

And Finally... If you're a male rat, and scientists from the U.S. and China inject carbon nanotubes into your testes, you can rest assured that the harm is reversible and does not affect fertility. Report