Patent office nixes MonoSol claim against BDSI over soluble film pain drug; Vascular Magnetics nails $7M series A for PAD drug delivery system;

> The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has rejected all claims MonoSol filed against BioDelivery Sciences International regarding Onsolis, a soluble film cancer pain drug. Release

> Vascular Magnetics raised $7 million to fund development of its magnetically targeted drug delivery system to treat peripheral artery disease. System components include biodegradable, magnetic drug-loaded particles, a magnetic targeting catheter and an external device to create a uniform magnetic field. Release

> BioDelivery Sciences ($BDSI) earned a $15 million milestone payment from drug development partner Endo Pharmaceuticals, triggered because BioDelivery Sciences gained an extended exclusive patent for its BioErodible MucoAdhesive drug delivery technology. Release

> Medtronic ($MDT) gained FDA approval for its Resolute Integrity drug-eluting stent to treat coronary artery disease. Release

> U.K. biotech startup Critical Pharmaceuticals and The University of Nottingham will collaborate to develop a nano-enabled nasal spray version of teriparatide to treat osteoporosis. Release

> Drug developer Xenogenics in Rhode Island has obtained exclusive licensing rights to a patent granted to Rutgers University in Canada for polyanhydride drug delivery compounds. Release

> Niiki Pharma says its new gallium-based cancer treatment will be advancing to a Phase IIa clinical trial after showing that it could be more easily absorbed but maintain its composition until reaching its target. Release

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