Nano-delivery vehicle houses drugs in separate compartments; RenovoRx catheter delivers drugs straight to the pancreas;

> Researchers at Cornell have developed a nanoparticle with compartments that could hold multiple drugs at once, keeping them separate and highly targeted within a single delivery capsule. Story

> California medical device company RenovoRx is developing a double balloon catheter threaded through the femoral artery to deliver drugs directly to the pancreas for use in pancreatic cancer and diabetes. Article

> Oval Medical Technologies has developed an autoinjector needle with the unique capability of delivering high-viscosity drugs--those with a thickness of motor oil--that would be the first of its kind on the market. Release

> Israel's Theracoat has created a material that can be injected as a liquid but that turns into a gel with body heat, allowing a sticky coating of material to coat the bladder. More

> While gold nanoparticles have been used recently as drug-delivery mechanisms, some in the scientific community have pushed against the concept, citing safety concerns. Item

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