More companies going with prefilled syringes ahead of flu season

Prefilled syringes continue to gain popularity for drug delivery with more U.S. biopharmaceutical companies moving away from vials in advance of the upcoming flu season, reports In-PharmaTechnologist. Prefilled syringes are secure, easy to use, minimize the chance for dosage error and increase patient compliance.

In-PharmaTechnologist reports that even though Europe has adopted prefilled syringes in greater numbers, the shift has picked up in the past few months. "There's been a migration to more prefill applications for the upcoming flu season [in the US]," Bill Kozy, executive vice president at medical supply company BD, said in a conference call, adding that the company has done its part to make the shift happen with its "vial to prefill strategy," In-PharmaTechnologist reports.

BD's clients in the United States have added $9 million to third-quarter sales, according to the report, with U.S. sales getting a boost from "a big pharmaceutical client shifting its sourcing from Europe to North America."

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