Monosol Rx sues competitors over thin-film patent

Oral thin films are a potentially game-changing drug-delivery technology. So, unfortunately, it is only natural that as companies compete for position in this space lawyers would have to get involved. One of the leaders in oral thin films, New Jersey-based MonoSol Rx, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against three of its competitors, Biodelivery Sciences, Meda Pharmaceuticals and Aveva Drug Delivery Systems.

According to papers filed in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey, the lawsuit involves a patent just granted to MonoSol on Nov. 2, "Method of making self-supporting therapeutic active-containing film." The patent relates to methods of preparing thin films with just the right amount of an active compound that will dissolve in water, but may be exposed to higher temperatures without degrading.

MonoSol alleges that the thin-film painkiller Onsolis--manufactured by Aveva, marketed by Meda and licensed by Biodelivery Sciences--infringes on MonoSol's patent. MonoSol is asking for damages and an injunction against the three companies from selling Onsolis.

- view the lawsuit here
- and read a MonoSol release announcing the patent
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