MonoSol faces patent claim setback; Leonardo and NanoMedical seal drug delivery system development deal;

> Heparinex has nailed down new funding to fuel development of its drug delivery system, which connects the heparosan sugar molecule to a drug so it stays in the body longer and is more active. Story

> The U.S. Patent Office denied all 191 claims MonoSol filed against BioDelivery Sciences International regarding its thin film manufacturing process, BioDelivery announced. Release

> Leonardo Biosystems and NanoMedical Systems inked a deal to develop and enact a commercial process to make nanoporous silicon particles for Leonardo's multi-stage drug delivery system. Release

> Selecta Biosciences launched a Phase I clinical trial for a new smoking vaccine, which uses synthetic nanoparticles to deliver the treatment. Story

> Drug companies are increasingly looking at new forms of innovative delivery technology to sustain growth as more of their big patents expire, according to Lux Research. Release

> Quest PharmaTech ($QPT) will be publishing early-stage research results on the use of nanotechnology-based photodynamic therapy products to treat cancer. Release