Midatech, Immunotope create immunotherapy JV

A British company specializing in nanotech drug delivery and a U.S. biotech company are reaching across the Atlantic to form a joint venture.

Midatech Group, based in the UK, designs and synthesizes 5-nanometer particles that can target specific cells for drug delivery. Immunotope, based in Doylestown, PA, develops immunotherapy products to treat cancer and chronic viral infections. Together, the two companies have given birth to Syntara, which will develop antigen based products for immune therapies to treat chronic viral infections and certain cancers.

The new company will be based in the United States. Both Immunotope and Midatech will license IP to Syntara. The companies said in a news release that the joint venture combines Midatech's expertise in nanomedicine with Immunotope's experience in immunotherapeutic antigen discovery and validation.

"The joint venture provides a route to nurture the development of new products for the treatment of certain cancers and chronic infections," said Professor Tom Rademacher, chairman of Midatech.

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