MicroDose's dry powder inhaler incorporated into Novartis device

Drug delivery specialists MicroDose Therapeutx, based in Monmouth Junction, NJ, produces a device called the MicroDose DPI (dry powder inhaler), which uses piezoelectronics to deliver inhaled drugs. With this technology, the company says, patient error is taken out of the equation as it automatically delivers the correct dosage independent of patient coordination, inhalation rate and posture. The company is partnering with Novartis on a platform pulmonary device. According to a release, that relationship has gone to the next step as a development milestone was reached.

The milestone was a successful incorporation of MicroDose's DPI technology into a Novartis platform pulmonary device. The companies had previously announced that Novartis is funding development and commercialization of products that use MicroDose's DPI technology. MicroDose is eligible for additional milestone payments and royalties on product sales.

"MicroDose is pleased to announce the achievement of this milestone," MicroDose's David Byron said in a release. "The collaboration with Novartis has yielded a platform embodiment of MicroDose's DPI technology for Novartis to use in advancing development of a number of their proprietary respiratory pipeline products."

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