Marina Biotech acquires RNAi delivery technology

Marina Biotech of Bothell, WA, has added more siRNA IP to its toybox by acquiring the rights to technology from Germany's Novosom in exchange for $5 million in common stock. 

Development of gene-silencing RNA therapeutics has been delayed for years because of difficulties in finding a delivery device that can slip inside a cell, precisely deliver the therapeutics, then go away harmlessly.

In-PharmaTechnologist reports that Novosom has applied its technology to the delivery of antisense, siRNA, LNA and other oligonucleotides. The technology, called "Smarticles," involves liposomes that can cross cell membranes to deliver to the target and engage the RNA interference pathway. It can also change its surface electric charge to drop off its payload.

- see the Marina Biotech release
- read the in-PharmaTechnologist report
- a more technical description can be found on the RNAi therapeutics blog

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