MAP Pharma files NDA for orally inhaled migraine treatment

Those who suffer from migraines, and cannot find relief from traditional oral medication, might soon have another choice with an orally inhaled migraine drug. MAP Pharmaceuticals, a 2008 Emerging Drug Developer, has filed a new drug application (NDA) for an orally inhaled migraine drug, Levadex, according to a report in Pharmaceutical Business Review.

The Mountain View, CA-based company was encouraged by Phase III results showing that patients who took Levadex showed improvement at two hours compared to those on placebo. It is speed, among other things, that the company says makes the inhaled drug better. According to MAP Pharmaceuticals' website, Levadex has provided migraine relief as fast as 30 minutes, some even as quickly as 10 minutes. And, the company says, the pain relief lasts up to 48 hours.

The delivery method is consistent and easy to use, the company says, and with delivery directly into the lungs, it is absorbed quickly with low side effects.

"If approved by the FDA, Levadex could potentially provide a new treatment option for migraine sufferers, including the millions of patients whose migraines are not well treated today," MAP CEO Timothy Nelson told PBR.

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