Israeli student develops drug-delivering skin gel; Nanorobots offer delivery at the atomic level;

> A student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed a gel made of lyotropic liquid crystals for the application of drugs directly to the skin where oral drugs can cause severe side effects. Marganit Cohen-Avrahami won one of this year's Kaye Innovation Awards for her work. Report

> Scientific American, in its "30 Under 30" report highlighting young scientists, interviewed Aniket Magarkar, who studies liposomes that could help develop nanorobots capable of delivering drugs. Report

> Alchemy Pharmatech snagged a £400,000 investment from the North West Fund for its intranasal drug-delivery system for DNA vaccines, hormone replacement compounds and pain-control products. Release

> Access Pharmaceuticals ($ACCP) signed a licensing agreement with AMAG Pharmaceuticals ($AMAG) for $3.3 million to market its MuGard, a mucoadhesive treatment for oral wounds. Release

> Discovery Labs ($DSCO) presented an analysis that showed its Surfaxin treatment for infant respiratory distress syndrome, the first synthetic, peptide-containing surfactant approved by the FDA, could save up to $562,000 per 100 patients. Release