Imugene snags Chinese patent for sublingual bone-loss drug; Florida researchers develop DNA 'nanotrain' for targeted delivery;

> Australian company Imugene won a Chinese patent for its delivery tech Linguet, a bone-loss drug for osteoporosis with a platform that allows absorption in the mouth. Release

> Researchers at the University of Florida developed a "DNA nanotrain" to carry cancer drugs and bioimaging agents to tumor cells in a cost-effective way. Story

> Emergent Technologies and Caisson Biotech, the team that created the HEPtune drug delivery system that enhances drugs by increasing their half-life, joined with Seton Healthcare Family to expand the system's use. Release

> Sensile Medical partnered with scPharmaceuticals to develop and manufacture an automated patch pump that delivers furosemide under the skin. Release

> Andain has developed an inhaled nanoparticle solution for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The lipid-based nanoparticles absorb in the body with no adverse effects, the company says. Release

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