Impel NeuroPharma makes progress with intranasal delivery system; FDA warns against jet injector use for flu shots;

> Impel NeuroPharma has provided an update on its intranasal system for delivering drugs in to the brain, saying that it now has two funded collaborations with "top-10" drugmakers and has raised more than $500,000 in equity investments from angel investors. Release

> Two chemists at Syracuse University showed off their research of chemo-laden gold nanoparticles as the NCI pumps $30 million per year into nanotechnology for cancer treatment and diagnosis. Article

> On the heels of a $35 million Series A round of funding last week, Sage Therapeutics announced its license to Captisol technology from Ligand Pharmaceuticals ($LGND). Release

> The FDA has warned clinics not to use jet injector systems to give people flu vaccines, as the devices have not been approved for administering flu shots. Story

> Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery has found a partner to use its IntelliCap system as a clinical research tool. Item

> In a new collaboration between the two U.K. firms, Encap Drug Delivery will combine its liquid-filled capsule knowhow with Lena Nanoceutics nanoparticle engineering tech to develop new delivery capabilities. Release

> The FDA approved Watson Pharmaceuticals' ($WPI) testosterone transdermal patch, which the Parsippany, NJ-based firm plans to begin selling next month for conditions that require testosterone therapy. Announcement

> Halozyme Therapeutics ($HALO) has succeeded in two mid-stage studies of its ultrafast PH20 insulin analog formulations for treating patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Release

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