Hydrogel nasal spray could cut insulin injections; Soligenix has fast track designation for pediatric Crohn's;

> Many researchers are tackling the puzzle of insulin delivery and how to take the burden of daily injections away from insulin-dependent diabetics. A hydrogel in development could make insulin delivery as simple as a once-a-day nasal spray. Abstract | Article

> CRO Particle Sciences has developed an ocular formulation for its client, Eyeon Therapeutics, to deliver a treatment for dry eye. Press release

> Insmed has completed target enrollment of the Phase III clinical trial of ARIKACE (inhaled liposomal amikacin) in cystic fibrosis patients with pseudomonas lung infections. Press release

> An antibody-drug conjugate targeting prostate cancer cells was well-tolerated in Phase I trials with early signs of activity, and a Phase II trial is under way. Press release

> The FDA has granted Soligenix fast track designation for SGX203 (immediate and delayed-release tablet) for mild-to-moderate pediatric Crohn's disease. Press release

> CellAct Pharma's etoposide prodrug shows signs of activity in advanced cancer Phase I study. Press release

> Colby Pharmaceutical has licensed rights to intra-lymph node delivery technologies from MannKind. Article

And Finally… In an almost Halloween story, a protein-based gel that moves on its own could deliver drugs. Article

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