Hospital for Special Surgery looks at pSivida for orthopedics; Tinkering with click chemistry;

> pSivida, a drug-delivery company that recently inked a deal with Pfizer for a bioerodible sustained release implant for glaucoma and ocular hypertension, has entered into an evaluation agreement with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York to investigate pSivida's drug delivery technologies in orthopedics. Release

> Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory are making progress in the search for ways to deliver gene therapy directly into cells. They're mimicking methods used by viruses. Release

> Click chemistry and layer-by-layer technique create two independent release mechanisms that are brought together for advanced therapeutic delivery applications. Report

> Encap Drug Delivery is offering a "feasibility package" to see if candidate compounds can be used with the U.K. company's Phloral coating technology, a product that orally delivers drugs into the colon through two mechanisms that trigger release. More here

> Drug delivery patent application of the week: Nanoparticles For Drug Delivery To The Central Nervous System Patent application

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